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From Lagos with love

From Lagos with Love is Littart by Aì’s fourth curated collection of notebooks and it was birthed from wanting to express the Lagos Spirit and tell the Lagos story. This collection is sold out and it has been archived. 

From Lagos with love was inspired by the Lagos experience, the landmark places of Lagos, things and events that are the soul of Lagos. Pieces of the collection are named after places, things and experiences associated with Lagos. The energy and vibrance of Lagos is expressed through colours and patterns of each piece.

There are a total of 5 patterns in this collection and they are all Ankara:

Danfo, named after the most popular mode of transportation in Lagos, popular for its Yellow colour that has been dubbed the colour of Lagos. Known for the eventful rides, pronunciation of slangs and locations by the Conductor, the yellow of the danfo has been dubbed the colour of Lagos. This pattern showcases the colour of  the Danfo, the popular yellow and black stripes. 

Ikoyi, classy, calm, Ikoyi is named after a highbrow area in Lagos that needs no introduction. The Ikoyi pattern is minimal and classy in a way only Ikoyi can be.

Idumota, named after the biggest textile market in Lagos and home to one of the most popular markets in West Africa. An integral part of Lagos and a large part of Lagos’ economy, Idumota bubbles with energy, colour and diversity. This pattern represents the energy Idumota exudes.

Owambe, named after the Yorùbá word for party, Lagos is popular for its huge entertainment scene and most especially, energetic and eventful parties. Owambe is an ode to Lagos parties.

Ènìyàn, the Yorùbá word for person. Lagos is a huge melting pot of different people and cultures. The people of Lagos are its soul, they make Lagos what it is, they bring the life, the energy, the vibrance and the hustle. This pattern is an ode to the people of Lagos, ever hustling, ever vibrant and full of energy.